Illustration: birdbath photo digitally manipulated to resemble psychadelic claw print and abstract purple blossoms

Issue Ten

~ Claw & Blossom – Sep 2021 ~


In Madison

by Elizabeth Kuelbs

something haunts the new development

by Michelle Cadiz

On I-40

by Eren Harris


by Ingrid L. Taylor

Tongue Work

by Ai Jiang

A Slight Resonance And Reflection

by Shome Dasgupta

she peers in hollows

by Lisa Periale Martin

Falling Behind

by Monica Mills

The Marriages: The camel

by Gemma Cooper-Novack

A Glimpse of Birds

by Andrew Calis

The Last Days are My Favorite

by Tamir Nubia

The Jackalope

by R. Thursday


by Timi Sanni

Illustrations by C.B. Auder.