Illustration: train tracks with orange moon

Issue Seven

~ Claw & Blossom – Dec 2020 ~

Theme: OTHER

Postcard from Olkiluoto, Finland

by Polchate Kraprayoon


by Jerrice J. Baptiste

Cannon Beach Blessing

by Ruth Dickey

“a coronavirus vaccine could kill half a million sharks”

by Kristin Emanuel

December is my July

by Bänoo Zan

Shapes of Outliers

by Mandira Pattnaik

Sea Ice as Earth

by Phoebe Tsang

The Hill of Snakes

by Christine Sloan Stoddard

Swamp Box

by David Mohan

Rock and Sand

by Madronna Holden

White Buttercup

by Robin Gow

of family dinners at the shrinking house

by Shringarika Pandey


Train Track illustrations by C.B. Auder (digital collages).