Illustration: fog obscuring grassy scene

cotton balls

when are suncries heard over the head fog?
i catch butterflies
in late-morning, dream up sisters

to cry next to when i grow
young again, try to remember
the shape of the room i’m in; windowless,

“it should be getting warm soon”, i say
to shadows without symmetry,
fog growing in damp corners, where my thread

has swelled with neglect, no one
to tie myself to
before the showers, i swear i’ll turn

all times to daylight,
chain myself together
and step into the long grass.

Illustration: butterfly movement in grass

Sy Brand is a queer non-binary poet living in Edinburgh, Scotland. They write through the haze of cat-/child-induced sleep deprivation to try and make sense of gender, relationships, and ADHD. Their work has been published in Popshot Quarterly, Capsule Stories, and ZARF Poetry, among others. You can find them on Twitter @TartanLlama and their publications at

Fog and Butterfly illustrations by C.B. Auder.

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