We have reached our account limit for free monthly submissions earlier than expected. Unfortunately, that means our only option for staying open via the Submittable portal through our November 28th deadline is to offer fee-based submissions.

We are thrilled to have already gotten so many subs for this issue! We’re also now considering a different submissions schedule for the future so that we hopefully won’t run into this problem again.

If a submission fee is a hardship for you, please do get in touch through the Contact page and we will work something out.

Issue Seven – December Solstice

Theme: OTHER

We look forward to your evocative and surprising interpretations of this theme!

==> This call is still open through the original deadline of November 28th <==

General Guidelines


Please familiarize yourself with Claw & Blossom’s past issues (free to read online) to get an idea of our aesthetic.

We look for pieces that explore human striving with an awareness of the larger context. To that end, your work MUST contain some element of the natural world. The natural world need not be the main focus, but it should have a distinct and relevant narrative presence.

We are fond of attention to craft–tight language and evocative, concrete imagery. We tend to prefer narrative- or conceptual movement and are not usually keen on publishing odes or portraits. We favor work that explores complex questions with subtlety. We dig depth, we want layers.

For more detailed information on our submission hopes-and-dreams, it’s a good idea to check out our interview at the Six Questions blog.


For POEMS, send one poem per submission. We are partial to free verse and are NOT often drawn into the more traditional forms (haiku, sestina, haibun, sonnet, rhymed couplets, etc.).

For PROSE, send up to 1,000 words. This can be one piece or linked micros. Feel free to send what moves you, but it’s safe to say we are NOT fans of gore/thriller/slasher stories or romance/erotica. Genre work that comes our way will be a tough sell.

Submissions are initially read BLIND. Please do not include your name anywhere in your uploaded file.

We do not consider multiple submissions. Please wait for a response to your submission before sending another new piece our way.

We do not consider unsolicited submissions of previously-published work. This includes pieces that have been posted to social media accounts.

We encourage simultaneous submissions. Should your work be accepted elsewhere while under consideration with Claw & Blossom, please withdraw the piece from us immediately by using the Withdraw option in Submittable.

We pay $25 USD per acceptance upon publication via PayPal only and are currently unable to issue payment via other methods. Please keep this in mind when submitting. Linked micros are considered one acceptance.

==> The queue is cleared every 3 months and all submissions receive a response. Sometimes Short-List decisions are difficult and final adjustments to the Table of Contents might be pushed out to the last week of the cycle. (Not ideal, but the editor does possess just the one brain.)

If you don’t seem to have received a response and you cannot find it in your email spam folder, please don’t hesitate to send a query–either by attaching a note through the Submittable message system, or by using the Contact form here on the site.


By submitting your work to Claw & Blossom for consideration, it is understood that you accept the following terms:

  • That you have actually perused earlier issues, so that you are not sending us work that (though undoubtedly lovely, or exciting and filled with All the Things) is nonetheless wholly incompatible with our aesthetic.
  • That the work you send Claw & Blossom is of your own making and has not been plagiarized in whole or in part.
  • That Claw & Blossom is purchasing the rights to publish your work on its website and to archive that work in its Issues archive.

If your work published with Claw & Blossom is later reprinted elsewhere, we would appreciate acknowledgement of first publication.


We currently take submissions through Submittable:submit