Claw & Blossom is a quarterly online literary magazine of poems and short prose.

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We publish work that is touched by nature. We are looking for compelling arcs and resonant moments involving characters or narrators who, though they may wrestle with life’s impossible problems, nonetheless seek ways to thrive.

We are fond of attention to craft–tight language and evocative, concrete imagery–and we prefer narrative movement to portraits or odes. We favor work that explores complex questions rather than seeking easy answers. We like depth, we dig layers.

Your work MUST also contain elements of the natural world.

The natural world need not be the main focus, but it should have a distinct and relevant narrative presence.

Be sure and check out our interview at the Six Questions blog, for more detailed information.

What is The Natural World?

Creatures in their natural habitats, and natural habitats. Things that mostly live and die on earth, yet mostly do not live in your house.

Undomesticated entities that that crawl and swoop, bite and swim, play and defend and hunger.

Also: cells that seed and grow and flutter and bloom and then sometimes get randomly hit by lightning or trampled by reindeer and thus turned into oodles of food for very-very tiny beasts.

Of course there’s always weather. Rivers and glaciers and bogs. Brine, coral, dirt. Rocks…. If you have written about something that moves you to heartbreak or outrage or breathless laughter, send it our way.

Editor and Illustrator:

C.B. Auder is inordinately fond of bugs, birds, beasts, blooms, and banana peels. Their stories, poems, and artwork have been published in various magazines including: Milk Candy Review, Atlas + Alice, Pidgeonholes, Storm Cellar Quarterly, Longleaf Review, Cleaver Magazine, A cappella Zoo, and elsewhere. Find C.B. Auder at https://audercb.wordpress.com.