Illustration: abstract image of raindrops gathering


A ~ C

Abdulkareem Abdulkareem — Paradigm of prayers
Ankita Anand — Shapeshift
Marcia Arrieta — The Voyages
Jen Ashburn — Trap Door
Jerrice J. Baptiste — Cold
Jai Hamid Bashir — Last Panther in the Great Basin
Kimberly L. Becker — Call
Joe Bisicchia — ant and elephant
Virginia Boudreau — A Turtle, Dreaming
Sy Brand — cotton balls
Bethany F. Brengan — Captured
Melissa Llanes Brownlee — Black Coral
Michelle Cadiz — something haunts the new development
Erin Calabria — After Drought
Andrew Calis — A Glimpse of Birds
Laura Todd Carns — Golden Hour
May Chong — Charlie
Jillian Clasky — The Water Will
Sam Collier — Midwinter
Gemma Cooper-Novack — The Marriages: The camel
Beth Copeland — Pyre
Brianna Cunliffe — messiah’s postcard

D ~ J

Shome Dasgupta — A Slight Resonance And Reflection
Megan Dausch — Talking to the Sun
Tommy Dean — If It Weren’t for the Lights
Martins Deep — Then, i would go out to collect God’s tears in a basket
Ruth Dickey — Cannon Beach Blessing
Sidney Dritz — A Question of Analogy
Ifoghale Eguwe — The Sun Rose Over the Decade. I Had A Lot of Regrets.
Lilia Marie Ellis — Bestowment (involuntary, beautiful)
Kristin Emanuel — “a coronavirus vaccine could kill half a million sharks”
Robbie Gamble — Surface Tension
Chinedu Gospel — At the shoreline of dawn
Robin Gow — White Buttercup
Dhwanee Goyal — closer to home
Catherine Grossman — My Young Daughter and I Go Walking
Eren Harris — On I-40
Todd Heldt — Still Life
Kathleen Hellen — saplings
Hannah Hickey — To Achieve Nativity
Madronna Holden — Rock and Sand
Kelsey Hontz — The Hive
Kyla Houbolt — owl
Christina Im — Autotomy
Gail Kathleen Jardine — empty stare
Amy M. Jarvis — God Girl
Brett Elizabeth Jenkins — Mallard Island
Ai Jiang — Tongue Work

K ~ O

Sneha Subramanian Kanta — Ghost of memory
Amy Karon — Streams in Greece
Jessica Kim — Windsong
J.I. Kleinberg — Cabin
Samir Knego — Through the Screen Door of My Spaceship
Elizabeth Kuelbs — In Madison
Claire Kuo — Mangosteens
Polchate (Jam) Kraprayoon — Postcard from Olkiluoto, Finland
Gita Labrador — Body of Water
April Lim — Evergarden
Aimee Lowenstern — Drying Petals
Laura Ma — dissolved shadows never had much to say
Lisa Periale Martin — she peers in hollows
Michaela Mayer — At 16, I Experience My First Pregnancy Scare
Karen McPherson — Silk
Londeka Mdluli — W”kes
Alexa Mergen — Sphinx
Monica Mills — Falling Behind
Ebele Mogo — Stellar
David Mohan — Swamp Box
Louisa Muniz — Elegy
Anne Myles — Destination
Benjamin Niespodziany — A Lake Upon a Lake
Micah Nemerever — June Songs
Lynette Ng — sound of an analogue watch
Tamir Nubia — The Last Days are My Favorite
Ashley Oakes — Things To Ask Orion
Robert Okaji — You Say Cicada, Which Shrivels My Ears

P ~ S

Stuti Pachisia — Clones
Shringarika Pandey — of family dinners at the shrinking house
Mandira Pattnaik — Shapes of Outliers
Adrian S. Potter — Rainy Season
Sharon Pretti — Scales
Sara Rauch — Ore
Nicole Robinson — Opossum
Timi Sanni — Rewinding
Ajay Sawant — A Standing Threat
T. Dallas Saylor — On Opening
M.A. Scott — This Is Not the Time for a Garden Poem
Margarita Serafimova — The sky
Stephanie Sesic — How to Lose
Tufik Shayeb — Leadership
Dorsía Smith Silva — The Bee
Dorsía Smith Silva — The Q and A Section
Ankh Spice — Berlin’s “Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism”….
Christine Sloan Stoddard — The Hill of Snakes

T ~ Z

Ingrid L. Taylor — Birdstrike
R. Thursday — The Jackalope
Rafael Torrubia — congregation
Hannah Treasure — Public Worlds
Phoebe Tsang — Sea Ice as Earth
Luke Carmichael Valmadrid — Sufficiently north
P.C. Vandall — The Seismologist Cries on Wolf Mountain
Clio Velentza — Lepidoptera
Laura Wainwright — Bells
Ingrid Wendt — Words to Use with Caution
Ayame Whitfield — cleave
Jeff Whitney — Once
Jenny Wong — Sightings at the Pick-a-Pearl Market
Bänoo Zan — December is my July
Ruth Zwald — Chopping Down Stones

Raindrops illustration by C.B. Auder.