Illustration: bright colors peeking through nearly-closed curtains

Public Worlds

that is outdoor matter, a bean sprout snaking my bookshelf

she shed her clothing in the doorway to protect the home

white keds puddle smudges from who knows horrifying

obedience pointed a clear path to movement

just to have a cup of coffee in a place with other voices

we retold the image of a man his shopping cart full of daffodils

other voices overheard give this body shape and porous

ends yet cherry blossoms pop up screen after screen

in the dark of each window, the siloed experience of nature

the stun of greed running this world

I want to believe two curtains are roommates embracing

Abstract Illustration: daffodil garden

Hannah Treasure received her MFA in poetry from Brooklyn College in 2020, where she teaches as an adjunct in the English Department. She is also the poetry editor of The Shanghai Literary Review. Her poems appear in Cordella Magazine, Volume Poetry, Sonora Review, among others.

Curtain and Garden illustrations by C.B. Auder.

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